Our Craft

LU brand gets inspired by the Moonlight to offer you an infusion of sophisticated techniques enriching modern styles to inspire. We aim to uplift the value of contemporary fashion with our matchless High-Quality leather bags that bring the light into your fashion world.​ ​

The magical idea behind the brand name came too inspired by the Moonlight; the moon is spreading its enhancing beauty in the darkness as we also want to put charming beauty in the fashion industry and make matchless unique designs of leather bags. We aim to create “Fashion with a purpose”, as the moonlight lights up the world, so our company was started for this solo purpose. Therefore, each product we sell part of its profits are donated to Non-profit organizations to help people in need.​ ​

LU understood firsthand the creative benefits of combining multiple cultural backgrounds while keeping one foot grounded in each world. It has given the vision of creativity that can only come from the appreciation of simplicity, quality and functionality while understanding the finer points of fashionable adornment.​ ​

LU believes that quality, singularity, genuineness and timelessness are the trademarks of true luxury. These attributes, in addition to artistic functionality, are the cornerstone of the LU brand. Drawing from these principles, LU has created a line of premium leather handbags that celebrate the natural beauty of rich leather.​